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Group Sites Done Right.
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Chipply is a new alternative in the group ordering space. We believe it’s time to take team ordering to another level. Our software focuses on faster site building, more accurate inventory management, consistent/automatic pricing, and on-time/accurate fulfillment.

Take control of your group online sales with Chipply. Online team sites are a requirement in the team business today. Our goal is to make building sites so easy that it is the method of choice for all types of team orders. Whether it is a simple promotional special, a spirit wear store, or a highly complicated league order with many teams and many options, Chipply can help to make it a success from start to finish.
5 Minute Launch – Store Copy

If you build a lot of similar stores, you’re going to love this. Simply copy the store, change the colors (if needed), and swap out the logos (once!). Your store is done. You’re going to need to see a demo of this.
Automatic Image Creation

You no longer need a new image for each color of each product. After color variations are established, logos are automatically overlaid on the products. You can now encourage your customers to offer lots of color choices.
Built-In Live Inventory

Using vendor inventory feeds, daily updated inventory helps to prevent backorders. You have to see this. We think that properly checking inventory is the most important part of running a successful site.

Allows dealers to change settings so that products can be priced consistently and automatically based on a product’s MSRP.
Take Control

With "Spreadsheet View", by the time you’re done filling out your "spreadsheet", you’re pretty much done with the site. You’ve got it from here.
Chipply Features
Here's what people are saying about Chipply...
"Chipply has been a great platform for us to offer online stores. It offers every feature you could possibly need, and creates a clean, good-looking store to offer our customers. Best of all, the Chipply Team (Angie, Melissa, and Lynn) have been great to work with. If I ever have a problem or issue, it is almost always solved that same day. They take the time to make sure we are utilizing the product to the best of its ability."
Josh Metz
Team Sporting Goods
"Moving our online store presence to Chipply has not only increased our revenue but left more of our customers extremely satisfied with fewer back orders. The most impressive part is they work with you to meet "YOUR" needs as a retail store. Not every site looks the same and their staff truly feels like your own family. They want you to succeed and will help you customize your site to meet each individual groups needs. It has been a huge advantage being a part of their team. We at All Seasons Sports LLC look forward to years of working together as partners with Chipply."
Shawn Lynch
All Seasons Sports
"We had ourselves convinced that running our own platform was the way to go, but once we started with Chipply we were proved wrong after our first team store ran so smoothly."
Matthew Perry
Cleat Sports
"Online stores have been an area of focus & growth for our business, for several years now. Since signing on with Chipply last year, we had a record year with our Team Web Stores. The simplicity of the Chipply platform, & the availability of their support team are key factors. Any & every request we've asked of the Chipply team, has been tended to within a few hours, & often within a few minutes. Using the Chipply platform; we're able to build & launch a typical Web Store within 5-10 minutes. And the Order Management feature has become a breeze, when processing orders for production & final packaging."
Matt Clark
Posey's Sports Center
"What a great experience the team of Angie & Melissa have provided from Chipply account services for me. We have been very impressed with all aspects of Chipply, and look forward to years to come."
Jeff Swallow
Action Sports
Our Story
Chipply was created by the management of Burghardt Sporting Goods, a team and retail sporting goods dealer. In 2006, Burghardts created its first online spirit wear sites. It took a few years of software tweaks and training, but in 2010, team stores became a fast growing and required part of every day business.

After 2010, group online ordering exploded, growing tenfold by 2017. Along the way, new software alternatives came available, making it easy for team dealers to get online and start creating team stores. After looking closely at these options, Burghardts decided that what they already had was the best alternative. They decided to re-write the software to be shared with other team dealers. They added a bunch of great new features, and created Chipply.

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