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Custom Apparel Made Easier.
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Chipply is an easy-to-use, customizable online storefront platform that facilitates and manages apparel orders for teams and organizations of any size.

By using a shared database of both basic and brand-name apparel, Chipply provides community sporting goods and apparel dealers an expert-supported, user-friendly e-commerce platform that makes custom ordering simple.
Custom Storefronts
Custom Storefronts

Chipply allows you to customize the colors, logos, and imagery of each storefront, giving your customers an order platform specific to their team or organization.
Custom Storefronts
Logo & Imprint Automation

Customers can preview each and every product with their own logo, artwork or imprint in a variety of locations, no special software needed.
Custom Storefronts
Consolidated Apparel Database

Chipply's database is pre-populated with both basic apparel and specific products from popular vendors such as Nike, Under Armour, Holloway, and more, making it easy to set up storefronts tailored to each team's needs.
Custom Storefronts
Simplified Order Management

Our back-end platform keeps track of product inventory, individual orders, and payment and provides automated updates throughout the process.
Custom Storefronts
Detailed Fulfillment

Once all apparel enters production, Chipply provides a detailed breakdown of each order to make fulfillment a breeze.
Chipply Features
Our History
Chipply, named after Burghardt's Sporting Goods founder Charles “Chip” Burghardt, was created upon the realization that something needed to be done to simplify the custom apparel and sporting goods ordering process for teams and distributors alike. Because Burghardt's has been the Milwaukee area's premier provider of sporting goods, custom apparel and spiritwear for school teams and organizations for decades, it was a no-brainer to bring the ordering process online in 2010.

But Chipply takes the process further by allowing sporting goods dealers and distributors to offer custom sites and simplify the ordering process for teams and organizations in their communities. 

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Customized Platform
Product Inventory Management
Product Inventory
Store Creation
Store Creation
Work Order Fulfillment Tools
Work Order
Fulfillment Tools
Image Layer Automation
Image Layer
Your customized store platform
Product Inventory Management
Store Creation
Work Order Fulfillment Tools
Image Layer Automation
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Can I customize my store?
You bet! That's what Chipply is all about. You can provide your customers with custom branded sites with logos and color schemes to match.